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Clothing collection

The Tallinn Waste Recycling Centre AS (TJT) cooperates with Humana Sortiminekeskus OÜ in collecting and redirecting clothing to another round of use. TJT organises the installation of clothing containers in various locations across the City of Tallinn, allowing citizens easy access to give away their used clothing. The collected clothing are then sorted and recycled by Humana. This cooperation helps to promote sustainable consumption and reduce the amount of garment waste in landfills.

Put your clothes in a separate clothing container. Intact and clean clothing, footwear, household linens, accessories (bags, belts) and toys can be placed in the containers. Please do not place items in the clothing container that are broken, dirty, damp, strong-smelling and unfit for use, including equipment, broken toys, utensils, books or household rubbish. Please place your donations inside the container in a sealed bag, so that they do not get dirty when the container is emptied.

The locations of Humana Clothing Containers can be found on the homepage of Humana Sortiminekeskus OÜ: Clothing containers – Humana Estonia