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Reception and composting of bio-waste

TJT accepts bio-waste, which consists mainly of food and landscaping waste. Bio-waste must be collected separately from municipal waste so that it can be recycled – composted. Food containers, ash, kitty litter, etc., which are not compostable material, are not suitable for the bio-waste container.

Organic material, which can be broken down independently by nature over a period of months, can be broken down more optimally and quickly with modern technology and under controlled conditions, reducing this time to just a few weeks.

The Tallinn Waste Recycling Centre uses the globally renowned UTV (Umwelttechnik Vogel) composting system for bio-waste composting, where compost heaps are covered with GORE © Cover membrane coating. This creates a real ‘climate chamber’ for compost heaps and replaces composting in buildings.

In the case of UTV composting, the pile is safely protected on the outside from the effects of wind and rain, allowing the internal climate to develop the conditions necessary for the production of high-quality compost.

In Estonia, the production of compost is regulated by Regulation No 7 of the Minister for the Environment of 8 April 2013 ‘Requirements for the production of compost from biodegradable waste’.

The Tallinn Waste Recycling Centre has been recognised as a composting company by the Veterinary and Food Board. The Veterinary and Food Board issued a decision on the approval of the composting plant on 25 November 2011, where the plant is approved to operate in the field of the handling of Category 3 animal by-products, i.e. composting of animal by-products belonging to Category 3 material.

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