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Liner bag service

We offer a lining bag installation service for biowaste containers. The lining bag is installed after each emptying of the container by the driver. We use biodegradable or compostable lining bags. The lining bag helps to keep the container cleaner, and in winter it helps to prevent waste from getting stuck in the container. A biodegradable or compostable bag means that it has to decompose under industrial conditions. This bag is not supposed to decompose inside the container, as it has a decomposition period of 90 days.

EU standard EN 13432 requires that:

– biodegradable film decomposes with organic waste (biodegradable bag separately, i.e. not composted alone)

– in industrial composting (temp, oxygen, humidity, time, mixing)

– 90 % of the biodegradable material must decompose within 90 days.

– After 90 days, the plastic particles shall not be larger than 2 mm and shall not exceed 10 % of the initial amount of material

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You can place orders and cancel the service by e-mail: lisatellimused@tallinnavedu.ee.

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