Quick information about services:

Reception and transport of bulky waste

It is possible to order the removal of bulky waste from the Tallinn Waste Recycling Centre. Bulky waste is waste that cannot be placed in a container due to its weight or volume, such as furniture, carpets, mattresses, curtain rods, window frames, washbasins, Christmas trees, etc., which are placed next to the container for removal. Construction waste, large-scale products of concern such as car waste, electrical and electronic equipment or waste thereof (including washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, electric stoves) and other waste covered by producer responsibility shall not be considered bulky waste.

You can order the transport of bulky waste either as a one-time service or enter into a contract for scheduled collection (e.g. once a month).

See the price list for services here.

You can place orders and cancel the service by e-mail: lisatellimused@tallinnavedu.ee.

For other questions, please contact: info@tallinnavedu.ee