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About Us

Tallinn Waste Recycling Centre AS (TJT) has been operating in Tallinn and Harju County since 2003 and is owned by the City of Tallinn. Our team employs more than 100 dedicated professionals.

TJT’s main area of activity is waste management, namely waste transport, waste fuel production, bio-waste composting, bottom ash ageing and management, and waste disposal.

Our mission is to provide our customers with environmentally friendly solutions for waste management, recovery and recycling.

Our vision is to be a growth-oriented, reliable waste management company.

Our goal is to ensure efficient collection, sorting, recovery and recycling of waste, thereby helping to reduce environmental damage and create a cleaner and more sustainable living environment for all urban residents. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services and innovation in order to contribute to the development of the waste sector and to raise the awareness of society regarding sustainable consumption and environmental protection.

Our range of services includes waste collection, sorting, recycling and recovery. We produce compost from bio-waste and waste fuel from mixed municipal waste. Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, thereby contributing to environmental conservation and a more efficient use of resources.

In addition to its main activities, TJT organizes various environmental campaigns and educational projects to raise awareness of sustainable consumption, waste sorting and recycling.

We are committed to our customers and partners, and continue to develop innovative solutions to make waste management even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Waste Transport Department: efficient and reliable waste transport service

We offer professional and reliable waste transport services to both private and business customers across Harju County. Our service covers the removal of various types of waste, including mixed municipal waste, biodegradable waste, animal waste, paper and cardboard, garden and park waste, large waste, and construction waste. In addition, we offer a multilift container transport service, the emptying of deep collection tanks, collection of clothes, and comprehensive waste counselling.

Our service is convenient and flexible: we ensure timely and professional assistance throughout the waste management chain. In addition to refuse collection, we rent and wash containers and also offer container liner bags to meet the needs related to the collection of all types of waste.

Our goal is always to provide a high-quality service that meets the expectations of our customers and contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Department of Waste Management: environmentally friendly waste management solutions

Our main goal is to create a cleaner and healthier living environment. To this end, our waste management department offers a number of efficient and environmentally friendly waste management services, including:

  • Production of waste fuel. We use waste to produce waste fuel, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels.
  • Composting of bio-waste. We compost bio-waste, contributing to its recovery and producing natural fertilizer or compost.
  • Sale of compost. We sell compost, which is a high-quality and environmentally friendly fertilizer, to horticultural and agricultural companies and gardeners.
  • Collecting Tallinn Waste Recycling Centre AS (TJT) cooperates with Humana Sorteerimiskeskus OÜ in collecting and redirecting clothing to another round. TJT organises the installation of clothing containers in various locations across the City of Tallinn, allowing citizens easy access to give away their used clothing.
  • Treatment of bottom ash. We treat bottom ash according to environmental requirements.
  • Management of waste containing asbestos. We specialize in the safe and legal handling of asbestos-containing waste.
  • We store waste in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Collection of landfill gas. We collect and reuse landfill gas, helping to reduce the negative impact of emissions on the environment.
  • Sorting paper and cardboard. We sort paper and cardboard, redirecting them to recycling.
  • Reception of electronic waste. We accept electronic waste, ensuring its safe handling and recovery.
  • Special solutions for businesses. We offer special waste management solutions according to the customer’s needs and all regulations.
  • Sale of We sell recycled and processed materials, promoting the circular economy.
  • Destruction of We offer a safe and environmentally friendly goods destruction service in accordance with established standards.
  • Management of NORM waste. We specialise in the safe management of radioactive waste in accordance with the current regulations.
  • Reception and sorting of waste. We accept different types of waste and sort and handle them according to the requirements.
  • Excursions to educational institutions. We organise excursions to educational institutions, apartment associations, local government representatives and communities, introducing the principles of waste management and raising the level of environmental awareness of society.