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But what if I don’t have any bio-waste?

The collection of bio-waste is part of organised waste transport, and all registered immovables where mixed municipal waste is collected must also provide for the separate collection of bio-waste and its transfer to the transporter in a separate container. As an exception, residential buildings with up to two apartments may submit an application to the city district government for consent for composting bio-waste on site. In this case, there is no need to have a bio-waste container. You can submit a composting application here or send the application, along with a photograph of the composter, to the district government.

All registered immovables that have not received consent for composting are automatically subscribed to the bio-waste removal service, and the absence of a container will not exempt you from payment for the provision of the service.

In addition to food waste, bio-waste also includes garden and park waste, which can be placed in a bio-waste container to the extent that it does not exceed the carrying capacity of the container. Otherwise, it may break during emptying.

If there is little bio-waste, it is possible to use the bio-waste container and composter together with a neighbouring registered immovable. A common container may only be used for the collection of waste generated in apartment buildings and terraced houses with a common yard area or on adjacent registered immovables. The application form for a common container can be found here.

The shared use of a composter is permitted on the registered immovable of a semi-detached house with a common yard area, up to two terraced house boxes, or up to two adjacent detached houses. The application form for a shared composter can be found here.

If there is no separate collection of bio-waste on the registered immovable, the waste transport operator will automatically count you as having subscribed to the bio-waste transport service and the absence of a container will not exempt you from paying for the service.