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Tallinna Jäätmete

Loovälja, Rebala küla
Jõelähtme vald
Harjumaa 74222

Tel: 609 65 30
Faks: 609 60 14
e-mail: info(ät)



Project Development of Tallinn Landfill - Waste Management and Recycling Company in Jõelähtme, 1992-2003

14 August 1992: Tallinn City Government and Jõelähtme Local Municipal Government signed a bilateral agreement for the design of the landfill on the site of Maardu quarry on the territory of the local municipality.

1993: Tallinn City Government endorsed the document Tallinn Waste Management and Recycling Programme until 2000 that foresaw the closing of Pääsküla landfill and the establishment of a new landfill in Jõelähtme exhausted quarry.

1995: Viatek Group OY (Finland) and Estonian consultation companies P.I.C. Estonia Ltd and Geotechnics Engineering Bureau Ltd (AS Geotehnika Inseneribüroo) carried out a feasibility study on the management and storage of the waste of the City of Tallinn The Employment of (Maardu - Estonia Phosphate Rock) Jõelähtme Quarries as a Landfill and the Utilisation of the Waste Energy. The study was financed by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and Tallinn City Government.

Geological Survey of Estonia Ltd carried out an environmental impact assessment on the location that determined the chosen territory of the quarry suitable for the establishment of a modern landfill that would be in compliance with the European Union requirements.

8 February 1996: the decision by Tallinn City Council to establish a new landfill for Tallinn on the territory of the exhausted Maardu quarry in Jõelähtme local municipality.

13 November 1997: Jõelähtme Local Municipality Council endorses a detailed plan for the new landfill.

1 April 1998: 100 per cent city- owned Tallinn Waste Centre Ltd passed a decision to establish Tallinn Landfill Ltd to carry out project activities for the planned landfill.

20 May 1999: Tallinn City Council passed a decision to endorse the German waste management and recycling company SKP Recycling AG & Co as the winner of the international tender for the investor-operator for the establishment of the new landfill in Tallinn.

16 May 2000: Tallinn City Council, SKP Recycling AG & Co and Tallinn Landfill Ltd signed a trilateral framework agreement and supplementary agreements at the presence of the parties of the contract and the media in Tallinn Town Hall.

11 January 2001: Tallinn Landfill Ltd and a German engineering bureau Ing.-Büro Dali & Partner GmbH signed an agreement for the construction project of the new landfill- waste recycling and management company in Jõelähtme local municipality.

12 July 2001: presentation of the construction project of Tallinn Landfill and its delivery to Jõelähtme Local Municipal Government.

13 August 2001:Harjumaa Environmental Authority approved the environmental impact assessment report and the construction project of the landfill.

19 November 2001: Jõelähtme Local Municipal Government issued a construction licence for the establishment of the landfill to Tallinn Landfill Ltd.

25 March 2002: Skanska EMV Ltd started preparatory earth works.

29 April 2002: Tallinn Landfill Ltd and Merko Ehitus Ltd signed an agreement for the construction of the infrastructure and three first storage areas.

14 August 2002: symbolic cornerstone of Tallinn Landfill was put in place.

8 November 2002: the representatives of the Delegation of the European Commission, the City of Tallinn, Estonian Ministry of the Environment, FKSM Ltd and consultation company DIWI signed the construction agreements to be financed by the European Union assistance programme ISPA.

According to the agreements the total cost of the works for the construction of an accession road to the landfill and the drainage pipe is 64.31 million Estonian kroons and the total cost of the services is 6.76 million Estonian kroons. Both the works and services receive 75 per cent financing from the European Union.

6 January 2003: the board of Tallinn Landfill moved to a new administrative building in Jõelähtme.